About our company.




Creacomm started back in 1991 designing Call-Back systems from scratch. It was a very succesful enterprise that sold hundreds of devices to clients all over the world, from large corporate customers to small/single user private setups.


Over the years we have been instrumental in the setup and development of a number of very succesful independent telecom companies as developers, integrators, consultants and troubleshooters.


We have also developed additional VOIP technology and expanded our presence in the wholesale telecomm market as well as having a retail operation in the USA.


Currently we have clients and equipment deployed in the USA, Brasil, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Germany, the U.K.


More information

For additional information or to inquire about business opportunities, please fell free to contact us at sales@creacomm.net or call us at +1-305-297-4476.