Creacomm Switching Corp  Switch Partitioning




Creacomm provides wholesale switch partitioning services to a wide variety of customers without contract, deposit or any kind of time commitment



We provide state of the art equipment by Genband, Mera, Jerasoft and Cisco in fully redundant configurations including multi-site twin installations to guarantee your uptime.


Back Office

A full range of services including training, tech support, route troubleshooting, route testing, billing services and dedicated support by our highly trained engineers is available on a 24/7/365 basis.



A perfect plan for your needs is always available weather you need 100, 500, 10 thousand ports or fully dedicated equipment at the best prices in the market.



We can setup your system on a per port or a per minute basis.


All inclusive

You get a whole complete setup including the switch, billing system, technical support, your own public IP's and the best colocation sites. All you have to worry about is selling your routes.